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 What we offer:

  • Lead-Based Paint Inspections
  • KE's staff has conducted thousands of lead-based paint inspections state wide. These inspections are conducted by utilizing the latest "state-of-the-art" equipment and techniques. For our inspections, Kurtis Environmental utilizes a non-destructive testing method, the x-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF) because of its high degree of accuracy in the detection of lead paint. Our staff is fully trained, licensed and experienced in testing procedures set forth by Cal-DHS, HUD, and EPA.

  • Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessments
  • The Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment utilizes a detailed protocol, developed by HUD, to identify the existence, nature, and severity of lead-based paint hazards. Information is first obtained from the owner/occupants of the dwelling via a brief questionnaire. Lead-based paint hazards are identified by a visual inspection and sampling areas of deteriorated paint, accumulated dust, and bare soil. All lead-based paint risk assessment reports include customized recommendations for the control of lead-based paint hazards. Kurtis Environmental performs lead-based paint risk assessments and inspections for a variety of reasons: EPA/HUD Lead Disclosure requirements: All known lead-based paint hazards are to be disclosed prior to sale or lease of target (pre-1978) housing and an information booklet must to be given out to potential buyers and renters. Potential buyers have a 10-day period to secure a lead-based paint inspection or risk assessment at their own expense. Exemption: If no lead-based paint is found at the time of inspection, the owner is exempt from disclosure requirements to renters of multi-family housing. HUD Federal funding/assistance requirements: In September 1999 HUD published regulations for lead-based paint standards in all housing with Federal assistance. Kurtis Environmental’s staff is familiar with the implementation of these varied requirements. EPA Disclosure and Education prior to renovation requirements: EPA now requires all renovation and remodeling service providers to distribute an information pamphlet, "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home" to residents prior to disturbing more than 2 square feet in a pre-1978 property. Exemption: There are no disclosure requirements if a lead-based paint inspection was conducted on components being disturbed and no lead-based paint was identified. Liability reduction: A property owner may want a lead-based paint inspection

  • Project Management & Oversight
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  • Post Hazard Control Clearance Testing
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  • Operations & Maintenance Programs
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 Our clients talk:

“I like this service, its great!”
— John Doe, Manager, Acme inc.

 Why do you need it?

 Business: Renovation, Repair, Plumbing companies need fast reliable service to comply with the New EPA Renovation Repair Rule? Call us for fast Lead-Based Paint inspections service when you need it.

Real Estate Agents need a lead-based assessment in a hurry to close escrow? Call us we work weekends as well as the week

 Family: Home owners ever wonder what those black spots were in you bathroom? Or why there is a funny smell when you come home to a vacant house? You could have mold and we can find out if you do quickly and cheaply with a mold inspection.

Going to do some renovation work on your home and wonder if the sprayed on ceiling has asbestos in it? Or is the insulation in the attic is asbestos? We can find out for you within 3 days.